At Sanitize Today, we know things can get dirty. That is why we provide product sanitation solutions for commercial, industrial and domestic sectors.

Sanitize Today is a 100% black-owned wholesale distributor. We are a level 1 BBEE company, focused on creating healthy and hygienic environments for customers all over sunny South Africa. Based in the bustling node of Midrand, Johannesburg, and as a proudly South African company, we work to offer great deals and prices all across the country.

From high-grade sanitizers all the way through to various packaging items, we have an incredibly wide range of product offerings for wholesale purchase that can suit every need.

Our sanitizers and disinfectants can be used to freshen up and cleanse your office spaces, greeting areas and more. Easy delivery and even easier online shopping options from our site make it simple for you to purchase and receive your products. We stock a collection of quality mops, brooms, and brushes to ensure cleaning is easy to perform with great products. Continuously expanding, we aim to bring great quality straight to your doorstep – and as an added perk we offer nationwide shipping.

Our team is driven by passion and commitment. This means each of our members is willing to listen and assist customers in any way to clear the path to cleanliness and hygiene for your business, or even your home. They will help you find the best products so you can focus on the things that really matter.

As a brand, we aim to help you brighten and clean up your space, with amazing added aroma. Be assured that you are getting the best out of your cleaning and sanitizing routine. Feel confident in your business or in your home, knowing that all your spaces, places and rooms are glistening and gleaming.

Sanitize Today is here to bring you products that protect your spaces, create hygienic environments and bring you peace of mind. With our high-grade hand sanitizer, disinfectants, and more we have an incredibly wide range of product offerings for wholesale purchase that can suit your every need.